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16629/ Route/Schedule - Runs from Trivandrum Pettai/TVP to Mangalore Cntl/MAQ - Raildb.com
Runs On:

SNo.StationArrival TimeDeparture TimeHalt MinutesDistance from Trivandrum Pettai
1Kazhakuttam (KZK)06:41 PM06:42 PM1 Mins13.0 Kilometers
2Murukkampuzha (MQU)06:47 PM06:48 PM1 Mins21.0 Kilometers
3Chirayinkil (CRY)06:55 PM06:56 PM1 Mins29.0 Kilometers
4Kadakavur (KVU)07:00 PM07:01 PM1 Mins32.0 Kilometers
5Varkala (VAK)07:11 PM07:12 PM1 Mins41.0 Kilometers
6Paravur (PVU)07:24 PM07:25 PM1 Mins52.0 Kilometers
7Kollam Jn (QLN)07:50 PM07:55 PM5 Mins65.0 Kilometers
8Sasthankotta (STKT)08:14 PM08:15 PM1 Mins84.0 Kilometers
9Karunagapalli (KPY)08:24 PM08:25 PM1 Mins92.0 Kilometers
10Kayankulam Jn (KYJ)08:48 PM08:50 PM2 Mins105.0 Kilometers
11Mavelikara (MVLK)08:59 PM09:00 PM1 Mins113.0 Kilometers
12Chengannur (CNGR)09:19 PM09:20 PM1 Mins126.0 Kilometers
13Tiruvalla (TRVL)09:29 PM09:30 PM1 Mins135.0 Kilometers
14Changanaseri (CGY)09:39 PM09:40 PM1 Mins143.0 Kilometers
15Kottayam (KTYM)10:10 PM10:15 PM5 Mins160.0 Kilometers
16Piravam Road (PVRD)10:49 PM10:50 PM1 Mins192.0 Kilometers
17Triupunittura (TRTR)11:19 PM11:20 PM1 Mins211.0 Kilometers
18Ernakulam Town (ERN)11:53 PM11:58 PM5 Mins220.0 Kilometers
19Aluva (AWY)12:17 AM12:20 AM3 Mins237.0 Kilometers
20Angamali (AFK)12:31 AM12:32 AM1 Mins246.0 Kilometers
21Chalakudi (CKI)12:49 AM12:50 AM1 Mins262.0 Kilometers
22Irinjalakuda (IJK)12:59 AM01:00 AM1 Mins268.0 Kilometers
23Thrisur (TCR)01:27 AM01:30 AM3 Mins292.0 Kilometers
24Shoranur Jn (SRR)02:45 AM02:55 AM10 Mins325.0 Kilometers
25Pattambi (PTB)03:09 AM03:10 AM1 Mins336.0 Kilometers
26Kuttippuram (KTU)03:29 AM03:30 AM1 Mins355.0 Kilometers
27Tirur (TIR)03:47 AM03:48 AM1 Mins370.0 Kilometers
28Tanur (TA)03:57 AM03:58 AM1 Mins378.0 Kilometers
29Parpanangadi (PGI)04:07 AM04:08 AM1 Mins386.0 Kilometers
30Ferok (FK)04:24 AM04:25 AM1 Mins401.0 Kilometers
31Kozhikode (CLT)04:45 AM04:50 AM5 Mins411.0 Kilometers
32Quilandi (QLD)05:14 AM05:15 AM1 Mins435.0 Kilometers
33Vadakara (BDJ)05:34 AM05:35 AM1 Mins457.0 Kilometers
34Mahe (MAHE)05:44 AM05:45 AM1 Mins470.0 Kilometers
35Thalassery (TLY)05:54 AM05:55 AM1 Mins479.0 Kilometers
36Kannur (CAN)06:35 AM06:40 AM5 Mins500.0 Kilometers
37Valapattanam (VAPM)06:49 AM06:50 AM1 Mins507.0 Kilometers
38Kannapuram (KPQ)06:57 AM06:58 AM1 Mins515.0 Kilometers
39Payangadi (PAZ)07:06 AM07:07 AM1 Mins522.0 Kilometers
40Elimala (ELM)07:13 AM07:14 AM1 Mins531.0 Kilometers
41Payyanur (PAY)07:20 AM07:21 AM1 Mins534.0 Kilometers
42Trikarpur (TKQ)07:27 AM07:28 AM1 Mins540.0 Kilometers
43Charvattur (CHV)07:35 AM07:36 AM1 Mins549.0 Kilometers
44Nileshwar (NLE)07:43 AM07:44 AM1 Mins554.0 Kilometers
45Kanhangad (KZE)07:54 AM07:55 AM1 Mins563.0 Kilometers
46Bekal Fort (BFR)08:04 AM08:05 AM1 Mins572.0 Kilometers
47Kotikulam (KQK)08:12 AM08:13 AM1 Mins577.0 Kilometers
48Kasaragod (KGQ)08:29 AM08:30 AM1 Mins586.0 Kilometers
49Kumbla (KMQ)08:39 AM08:40 AM1 Mins598.0 Kilometers
50Uppala (UAA)08:46 AM08:47 AM1 Mins608.0 Kilometers
51Manjeshwar (MJS)08:56 AM08:57 AM1 Mins615.0 Kilometers
52Ullal (ULL)09:04 AM09:05 AM1 Mins625.0 Kilometers
53Mangalore Cntl (MAQ)10:05 AM12:00 AM2045 Mins632.0 Kilometers
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